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­čĽ»´ŞĆ Geburtstagsw├╝nsche auf Englisch

Geburtstagsgr├╝├če auf Englisch ÔťŹ´ŞĆ | Geburtstagsw├╝nsche ­čÄé | Geburtstagsgeschenke ­čÄü | Blumen zum Geburtstag ­čĺÉ

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­čĺŁ Kostenlose Geburtstagskarten von meyluu ­čľ╝´ŞĆ



Sch├Âne & lustige Geburtstagsgr├╝├če auf Englisch ÔťŹ´ŞĆ


Happy Birthday, sweetie!
I wish you the best with all my heart
Because we’re best friends
Right from the start!
Even if we don’t meet often,
For me no way is too far
To tell you how gorgeous you are!

Many Congratulations!


Happy Birthday!
My wishes for you :
Always have a smile on your face,
And someone around to embrace.
May happiness never leave you
And finally, may all your dreams come true!

Many hugs and kisses
for my dearest and closest friend.


Happy Birthday!

A little bird is on its way to you today
And has a flower in its beak!
It also wants to give you
A sweet kiss on your cheek.
With this gift I want to congratulate
…but now it’s time to celebrate!


On your birthday
I’d like to direct a rainbow to you –
which promises you
a happy, cheerful and colorful
start into the next year
of your life!

Good luck, health,
and all the best
for my dear friend!


You are my girlfriend, so precious and so true.
That’s why my present should also be
Something very special – just like YOU!
So I give you my heart
And hope our love remains
As strong as it was at the very start!

Happy Birthday, Honey!


Another year older,
but don’t worry!
It only means you are getting
wiser, better and bolder!

Have fun celebrating!

Happy Birthday!


You’re gonna rock it!

Celebrate hard, you old man!
Do your squats whenever you can,
It’s the only way you’ll ever stay fit
You’re no babe, you have to admit!

Happy Birthday, buddy!


With many presents in colored paper
we congratulate and wish our boy
a lot of fun and joy!
All of us together laudly say:



Your hair is getting gray
And you’ll find more wrinkles day by day.
But try not to exaggerate
You still look absolutely great!
So just don’t let it make you bitter,
Or they’ll get even bigger!

Happy Birthday, Dearest!


Best wishes on your Birthday!

Silver hair and golden teeth,
That’s real wealth, it can’t be beat!
So let people talk and take it with ease,
When you’ve got it – you’ve got it
And that’s the way it is!


Happy Birthday, dearest colleague!

Another year comes full circle, how great,
cause we’re going to celebrate!
You’re always the star of any party
With all the fun you generate!
So even falling down drunk,
It’s YOU we congratulate!!


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

On your Birthday, my love,
I want to pick the stars from the sky above.
For me it is a special pleasure
To surprise you with this marvelous gift,
Because YOU are my greatest treasure!


Your bright smile melts my heart,
It’s been like this from the start.
The way you look at me, I admire,
It truly gets me higher.
My dear, I love you to the core
And every day a little bit more.

Happy Birthday, darling!


Today is your great day!

You are our pretty princess
and we wish you joy and happiness!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you!

Today we want to celebrate really great!
We will play, do magical tricks
and laugh a lot…
and finally enjoy the yummy cake you got!


It’s your Birthday today
and we all love to be there
with you to celebrate!
One, two, three, let’s be
cheerful, cheeky and free!

Have a sweet,
happy Birthday, girly!


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

A poem for you is very easy for me
‚cuz you really mean the world to me.
I love you so much,
Adorable your smile and your touch.
Babe, stay blessed
Because you are the BEST!


I still remember the day
We met for the first time,
Since then, all went very fine.
You are my greatest treasure on earth,
To be loved more than worth!

You deserve the most joy in life,
Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife!


On your Birthday, Honey,
I will bake a cake
with these words on it:
„My dear wife,
You have a heart of gold!“
I wish you a happy life
And that you grow
Over 100 years old!

Many happy returns!
I love you!


Happy Birthday!
To a wonderful person!

May health, happiness and joy
always be at your side,
and GOd’s blessing be your guide.
Stay as you are and the best will come,
it’s your birthday, so have lots of fun!

Happy Birthday!
Today we are all here
To sing, dance and spread some cheer!
It’s your Birthday, don’t you realize
That WE are your
Big surprise!!


The biggest hug & the sweetest kiss
for my precious SIS!

I don’t wanna waste any time,
And congratulate you with this rhyme.
So please believe me when I say:
I’ll always keep you in my heart,
Whether we’re near or far away!

Happy Birthday!


As a child you were often a little rascal,
But you’ve become so very special!
You’re, like an angel, always there for me,
So kind and precious in every way!

So on your Birthday I want to say –
And it’s no joke,
It’s really true –
dearest sister,
I love you!

Happy Birthday to YOU!


All my love
For your birthday!

I want to congratulate you,
Bombard you with cheers!
Let’s raise a few glasses,
Today no one’s counting the beers or the years!


Congratulations on your birthday!

A healthy new year of life,
and big luck may be your strive!
Plus bags of money,
for some trips around the world!
May you have as much happiness as allowed,
live as if you were floating on a cloud!


All the best on your Birthday!

Well, you would have ever thought,
that YOUR PICTURE would poke fun at you!
But take it in stride,
Because this message
comes from deep inside!


Today I send a lucky fairy ´╗┐your way
to show that I’m thinking of you,
especially on your Birthday!

and a sweet kiss
for my pretty little Miss!


This cute pony
is a little beauty, just like you.
It greets you dearly from afar
and sends you a precious, bright
and magical star!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


Hey, Birthday boy!
Blow out the candles really hard,
and you will get a great award!
Make a wish, or two…

Happy Birthday, to you!


on your Birthday

we wish you lots of fun and joy
Open your presents,
maybe there’s a new toy!
We also have a gigantic cake for you,
blow the candles and make a wish, or two.

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to our son!

Always be busy, like a Bee,
sometimes quiet, like a mouse,
be careful, like a lynx,
then later you will be
as smart, as a fox!!


Your Birthday
will be a big celebration,
so you should wear a crown!

Your friends will come
from near and far,
because today YOU are
the biggest star!

Happy Rocking Birthday!


A ladybug they say is true,
Makes everything go well for you.
And welcomes this great new year in view,
Where all your wishes come true, cuz that’s the clue!

Happy Birthday to you
with a big hug from the ladybug!


You are sooo important to us,
even more on a day like this!
And ‚cause you’re such a brick
We also dressed up chic,
brought lots of gifts and a sweet kiss!

Happy Birthday!


Things do change with time,
But your love is still the same.
We rarely see each other, that’s a shame.
Today is your BIRTHDAY,
my dearest mom,
So I wish you the very BEST
With this flower bouquet!
Always be blessed!

A big, tender hug for you!
All my love!


Dear Mom!
I love you
more than words can say
and wish you a
very happy Birthday!
Hugs and kisses just for you!


Grandma, you are so gentle and nice,
So caring, smart and also wise,
Always there for me with good advice!
Your heart is pure and true
And that’s why I love you!

Happy Birthday, dear granny!


You are so selfless and your love is so true,
We’re really blessed to have a granny like you!
So don’t worry about all the candles on the cake,
We’ll help you blow them out for your sake!

Be blessed, you are simply the best!


A heart full of sunshine,
In your hand a glass of fine wine,..
Success and happiness
And great joy of life,
All this may be your strive.

Hearty Congratulations!