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💖 Glückwünsche zur Geburt auf Englisch

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🍼 Kostenlose Geburtskarten von meyluu

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👶 Persönliche & moderne Sprüche zur Geburt auf Englisch ✍️


Our sweet little cookie-poo
says Hi to you!

Hooray, Hooray,
our Baby arrived today!


A sweet little treassure!

and all the best for a
healthy and happy future! 


We are really happy for you both!

As new parents,
may you be filled
with much joy and happiness
at the arrival of your new baby!

Good luck!


Our sunshine was born.

Welcome to the world,
sweet little one!


Baby, you are so tiny,
but you already 
have the biggest place
in our hearts!


A brandnew miracle 
to call your own!

The most precious gift
was given to you!  



So happy for you three!

Wishing you much happiness
as you welcome your new little bundle
of joy into your family!
Enjoy every moment!


How wonderful!

I wish you both
all the best
for your new arrival.


Welcome, sweet little baby boy!

You bring hope and joy
into the world,
and spread happiness
with your beautiful smile!

May you always
be loved and protected,
healthy and blessed!


Well done!
Congratulations to you both!

Get ready for life’s most
special challenge –
sleepless nights,
endless days,
change diapers
countless times,. . .
but you’ll love every single minute!

We know you’ll be
fantastic parents!


How wonderfull news!

sending you Loads of good wishes
for a lifetime full of health, joy, happiness
and endless love!


and all the best wishes
on the birth of your
sweet little daughter!


📱 Geburtskarten aus der App

meyluu App - Glückwünsche zur Geburt (Englisch) jetzt kostenlos via App teilen.


Stars do not fall from the sky,
they are born.

Best wishes on the arrival
of your cute little star!


Nine months in  mom’s belly,
now foreverin our hearts!
Congratulation and lots of love
to the little princess!


Hello Baby, you’re so sweet
With your tiny fingers and little feet!
And so cuddly, your toes,
Just like your cute pretty nose!

on the arrival of your new baby!


We’re so happy to tell you this news:

There are now three of us!
From the first sight, everything was right!
Our love feels so new and true
Since we’re blessed with our little cookie-poo!



A new little star was born!
Tiny, yet as precious as a treasure,
this baby will give you
so much love and pleasure!


The long wait is over today,
so I send Congratulations your way.
May this cute little baby boy
bring you happiness and lots of joy!


Congratulations to your newest arrival!

A precious little angel was sent
From heaven above,
May it always be protected
And lovingly cared for with all your love!
God bless your family!


We share your delight on this special day,
And welcome your cute little one
With a cheery HooRRAY!

The quiet life is over, you’re no longer alone,
From now on the baby is the boss at home
And sets the tone!


This Baby has already won everybody’s heart
From the very first sight,
It’s such a pure delight!
Our hearts would like to leap for joy,
We can’t wait for the little darling
To see its first toy!

All the best for the three of you!


Congratulations on the
birth of your twins!!

Oh, how nice, you did it twice!!
Already with one single peewee
The nights will be twice as long,
But your love will grow twice as strong!

We wish you a memorable time to enjoy
your adoreable bundles of joy!


Welcome to the world, little sunshine!

The time of pain was not in vain,
Because now YOU are here, you sweet dear,
And no one will ever divide us again!
With your cute and lovely smile
You make us happy all the while!


We spread this good news
Loud and clear,
Our first baby is finally here,
With smile so bright
And face so dear!


Our daughter just arrived!

We would like to share
this tremendous happiness with you!


When love becomes life,
happiness gets a name.

Best wishes
on the birth of
your new baby!


Welcome to this world,
little sunshine!

We’re happy you’re here!
Wishing you and your parents
all the best for the future.

May God bless,
guide and watch over you all!